About Malachy Walsh, Socratic Scribbler

After retiring from JWT, Malachy spent several years as Director of Insights and Ideas at The Energy Infuser, a brand innovation consultancy. He was one of the first to apply the principles of Positive Psychology to marketing innovation and communication. Malachy also developed numerous Insight and Strategy training programs for his clients.

Currently, Malachy is enjoying semi-retirement, working only on select projects with old and new friends.

Malachy holds a BA in Philosophy and Economics from Georgetown, an MA in Literature from DePaul, and remains a perennial Ph.D candidate at the University of Chicago.

As a student of Richard McKeon, Malachy champions Great Books programs and leads a Great Books Discussion Group in Chicago.

Malachy also happily serves as a discussion Host for onlinegreatbooks.com where we meet to make our minds stronger by reading and talking about the best thinkers ever. He also teaches the Socratic Scribbling method in a six-week course to Online Great Books members.